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Partners in the Gospel

How does the message of Jesus shape your life? How can we reflect Jesus more in our relationships with each other at church and the community around us?
As in Paul’s letter to the Philippian Christians. It is full of encouragements to rejoice in being part of God’s family and join in gospel partnership with each other. At the heart of the letter there is a great hymn or poem of praise to Jesus. It charts his equal existence in eternity through his life on earth, his death, resurrection and ascension. It ends with his promised return in glory at the end of time when everyone will bow down and acknowledge him. It is a great summary of the gospel to memorise and share with others. Paul reflects on how his life has been transformed by Jesus’ message. It enables him to endure suffering for being a Christian because he knows God will vindicate him. He is encouraged by how the Christians in Philippi have also been shaped by the message of Jesus to persevere as followers of Jesus including praying, serving and sending support to Paul in prison. The invitation for us is to allow our lives to be shaped by Jesus, so that we are confident of eternal life with him and committed to making the best use of the rest of lives he gives us here and now.
Acknowledgement: Alistair Seabrook

Ron Paton
TRAX Chaplain

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