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Romans 15:1-7

Romans 15:2

Let each of us please his neighbour for his good, to edify him.

It seems that God created the member-to-member relationship with in the church, intending that it become a direct factor in mutual spiritual growth, renewal, and sanctification. We often look towards other things to do this – preaching, worship, prayer, sacraments, Bible reading.
And they do.
But the New Testament idea of the church is that the people themselves should provide this kind of spiritual factor. It is the spiritual interaction of people of grace with other people of grace that helps Christians grow. In the passage in Romans 15:1-7.
Paul speaks of edifying, building up, one another. With this he describes the impact of one Christian person on another. Surely, we are edified by preaching and the sacraments, but here Paul wants edification accomplished by people to people. To edify is to build up someone’s faith and spiritual life, to deepen the spiritual element in another’s life. One can do it by being an impressive example of faith or good works or Christ likeness; or by an exercise of love or helpfulness in which Christ shines through; or by a strong spiritual word at a given time, a testimony of what Christ has done for you or in you; or by a supportive prayer.
This is the Christian love by which we promote our fellow believer’s spiritual well-being. It’s easy to neglect this responsibility; let’s see it through, joyfully.

PRAYER: Our Father, using the grace we have received, help us to strengthen the life of grace in our fellow Christians. We thank you for your grace towards us,
for Christ’s sake. Amen

Ron Paton
TRAX Chaplain

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