The TRAX Chaplain asks…


The TRAX Chaplain asks…


What does a Four Wheel Drive club do when the Four Wheel Drive club can’t do any Four Wheel Driving?

What does it do when it’s members can’t even get to a swap meet or even have a fellowship barbecue?

A pretty grim picture, right?

No. Things aren’t all bad.

I want to suggest 5 things that you can do during this time of the “Covid 19” problems and lockdown.

1.You could some of our TRAX COOKX recipes at home with your own family members, so that you can use them without any fuss on upcoming trips. (The ‘lockdown’ can’t last forever – we hope!!!)

2. Sit back in your easy chair and reminisce. Think of some great trips that you have been on in the past, or some particular incidents that you remember from those trips and then ‘write ‘em down’ and send them to the editor of this mag. He is always looking for articles or even snippets to help fill some spaces, and your reminiscence may be just what he (and the rest of the club) needs to brighten up an otherwise dull, and boring lockdown. Oh, and by the way, not just your reminiscences either. Perhaps your spouse or children can remember some funny/interesting/tragic incidents from past rips that you may have forgotten – but they haven’t. We would love to hear about them, too!

3. Why not spend a Saturday (or 3) doing some vehicle maintenance to get ‘Old Bertha’ (the name of my vehicle!) ready for when we can finally get out into the bush (or Fort Denison/Luna Park/ Sydney tramway Museum/Thirlmere Railway Museum/Old Government House Parramatta – the list is almost endless!) again.

4. Check/ test/overhaul your other/recovery gear so that when it/they are needed they are in good working order. This is especially necessary for winches. Wind out the cable and grease it if it is a steel one, or if a modern Nylon type, wind it out and check for rot, other damage, UV damage and dirt – the great enemy of these type of cables and snatch straps.

5. But the best thing that you can do is use your phone or email for TRAX 4WD Fellowship! Notice that I gave TRAX its full and proper title. TRAX is not just a 4WD Club, it is also a Fellowship. A collection of people who care. Many people during this time of lockdown are undergoing great stress and have been finding it difficult to cope. TRAX members are not immune to this. Perhaps more so since we can’t get out to the bush – that place of peace – ‘alcheringa’ the local first nations people called it. So, use your phone, or your computer for sending emails to encourage and show care, compassion and good old fashioned Christian love and kindness to others who may be under great stress at the moment. As Chaplain, I can testify to this. Think about other members… especially those that we haven’t seen on trips for a while, or who may have let their membership lapse. Ask yourself…”why is this so?” (apologies to Prof. Sumner Miller!) Is it because of stress caused by not being able to work? Losing pay because of being stood down or working reduced hours? Finding it difficult to know how to control the kids after they have been cooped up for some weeks? Friends, the list could go on and on. (Like this article!!!)

But the point is this. The Bible tells us to “Redeem the time, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:15-16 (in older versions) or “make the most of every opportunity” – same thing but from a modern version.
“Redeem – or buy back the time. The Covid 19 Lockdown is giving us all time to use for God’s glory. Don’t waste it – don’t sit around having a good winge! Use it to help others and in so doing you will find blessing yourself.

May God bless this time of Covid 19 Lockdown, and use it for His glory and the help of others. There – think that one through! Then act!

See you on the TRAX (I hope, one day in the not-too-distant future!)

Neil Flower – TRAX Chaplain. 0408 216 401.

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