Sounds just too simple? Not a bit of it. Too many dishes are spoilt because of badly made or crook Batter. Batter helps to give many foods a bit of ‘body’ or extra taste. So, be like the old housewives in Yorkshire, England who found that sometimes old, tough or stale food could be made to taste wonderful by making ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ and serving it with the meat or vegetables, you can enhance the flavour of many foods by the use of a nicely flavoured batter or one of its variations.
Here’s the real complicated recipe!
* 1 cup of plain Flour. (Or, self-raising if you don’t have plain, but plain is the best.)
* 2 Eggs – Chooks eggs are the easiest to obtain in this day and age, but you can use Brush Turkey eggs (but only if you know they are fresh!!!!, or ? or ½ an Emu egg. (Warning: these must be fresh also and only try to collect them after you get someone else to lure or frighten away the male Emu who will be sitting on them. Emus can give a very nasty peck!)
* Milk.


  • Don’t worry about sifting, just put the flour into a heap and make a ‘well’ in the centre.
  • Break the eggs into this and mix them into the flour adding milk as you do so.
  • Beat the mixture at the same time.
  • Keep adding extra milk until you have a nice smooth batter. Don’t make it too runny –
    if you do add more flour.
  • Test the mixture by inserting one finger. (Do not cut off from hand though, you may need said finger again later.)
  • If mixture coats the finger and doesn’t run off back into the bowl then it’s OK.

    This mixture can be used in a multitude of recipes and will be the basis of a number of the dishes below and in future issues of this highly acclaimed magazine. So, don’t lose this page. Cut it out, laminate it and keep it with your other recipes!

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