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“And now Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in you”. Psalm 39:7

Just what are we waiting for? We sometimes ask the question as we face a difficult task, hoping something will come along to make it unnecessary. Yet we know it must be done.

What are we waiting for?

Will it be easier tomorrow? We must go to it confidently, remembering our hope is in God. Then again, we ask the question as part of the searching we must give our souls. Just what are the hungers within us?

What do we expect from life? and for what do we dream?

We must be careful to examine our dreams, to be sure we’re waiting for things that are right and good, God-centred. We may have our dreams and desires, but always remembering our hope is in God.
Sometimes we ask the question “For what do I wait?” out of laziness, waiting for someone to come along and do our tasks for us. But no one else can live the life, use the talent, or fill the time that God gave specifically to us. We must face our own duties bravely, again remembering our hope is in God.
There are things for which we may rightly wait. We may wait for God to guide us in our decisions, to strengthen us for our tasks, to comfort us in our sorrows, and to bless us in our relationships. For those things, while we work, we wait, always remembering, God is our only hope.

PRAYER Our Father, we thank you that in all life’s challenges we may steadily hope in you. Give us the grace to wait for your help and your guidance in all we do.
In Jesus’, Amen.

Ron Paton
TRAX Chaplain

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