Who, if anyone at all is in charge?

Who, if anyone at all is in charge?

Good question! But the really sad thing is that very few people are getting a serious or credible answer. Lots of noises are being made and much sabre rattling, but the world is still no closer to peace than it was 2,000 years ago. People still long for peace and talk and write extensively about it, but for billions it will just be another chance to “dream the impossible dream”.

What a gloomy way to begin a “CROSS TRAX” article I hear you say! No, not gloomy but realistic – it would only be gloomy if I too was asking the questions that most people are asking while at the same time not having any answer.

Yes, there are answers! And credible, relevant, and verifiable ones too!

“I HAVE A DREAM…” said the late Rev. Martin Luther King, a ‘dream where all people will live in peace and without hate.’ – and a good dream it was too – except that that was all it was – a dream, and those who believed in the reality of hate and killing shot him to try to show that hate was a stronger force than dreamy idealism. But Martin’s dream was not really fantasy, it was perhaps only premature – premature in thinking that real peace could be both achieved and maintained in this world.

“Only arrogant people claim to have answers” – but that is just as baseless and foolish as those who speculate and claim some direct or prophetic guidance. It is neither foolish nor arrogant to claim to have an answer if one is basing one’s claim on revealed or demonstrated truth. The problem in the Western world today is that multitudes have swallowed the lie that says that there is either no such thing as truth and that therefore no-one can claim to have a definitive answer to the really BIG issues of life. Well the problem is that such a statement is even more arrogant (because it shows a closed mind in not recognising that others may have found an answer).

OK, no more beating around the bush; let me give you an answer that you can check out for yourself. In short it goes like this:

  1. God was not caught unawares by the recent tragic events in either the U.S. of A. or elsewhere. He does not take delight in, or want, such things to happen. They happen because mankind has rebelled and decided to live in a way that is not God’s.
  2. God does not intervene to stop these things because if He did, we would then complain more than we do now because then we would be merely programmed puppets with no will of our own.
  3. God however has acted, but in a way that is not a ‘band-aid’ solution, but is actually a ‘final solution’ which looks at the ‘big’ or ultimate picture – a new creation where there will be no evil.
  4. God has given notice of this by sending Jesus into the world to demonstrate His love and concern and by taking the punishment of all sin and evil (yes, even the sin of the New York Bombers) on Himself. This is such great news that many people either do not want to hear it or reject it because of the hatred of good in their own hearts.
  5. Failure to accept God’s plan does not either cancel or nullify it. God’s plan for the world is still being played out whether people will accept it or not.
  6. Jesus – the Prince of Peace – is the only hope for a broken and divided world, and God has promised His return to set up a kingdom that will not only never fail, but will also exclude all hate, evil and crime.
  7. Entrance to Jesus’ kingdom is still open and invitations are still being issued.
  8. Failure to enter the Kingdom will not be God’s fault – He has issued invitations – without exception.
  9. Have you accepted?
  10. One last thing. Jesus said that the day of invitation will not last forever. God has fixed a day when invitations will be closed and no further opportunities to enter will exist. Now that will be a sad day for many – sadder than any event in known history..

But in the meantime…. Want to know more, or how to get your questions answered?
Well, contact me – there’s nothing I like better than showing how a person can accept that Great Invitation. I look froward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, see you on the TRAX!

– Neil Flower – TRAX President

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