TRAX Annual Christmas Gathering and AGM

Trip Report – TRAX Annual Christmas Gathering and AGM
Saturday, 4th December 2021

A report from Bob the swagman, snooping around (as usual) and mooching food (and chocolates), has submitted the following!

A fine but totally cloudy day, which was good because the temp was very mild and therefore very pleasant. We ( I mean they, that is the TRAX mob) were able to sit outside, with no need for shade all day.

It was a great day of doing nothing just sitting around and ‘yarning’. Twelve TRAX members came and they merely sat around in a circle having good fellowship (after all it was TRAX ‘Fellowship’), sharing chocolates chatting with passing members of a local army cadet corps who were there on exercises, and scaring the life out of a couple of very nice young police constables who were doing their rounds and seeing that everything was ‘proper’. (Sort of a ‘Proper Copper’). Neil flagged them down as they were driving past and went over to the driver’s window and offered them both a chocolate, at the same time thanking them for their public duties and the protection they give us all. They weren’t used to that, so Neil offered them another chocolate each. Poor chaps, they said that no-one had ever come over to thank them before, let alone offering the chocolates and they hardly knew how to react. Nice young blokes they were too.

Anyway back to the TRAX ‘trip’ . They had lunch, and began the AGM. Only changes in committee structure was that Neil wanted to swap with Ron Paton and become Assistant Chaplain so that he could propose Ron as Chaplain. Ron accepted, the meeting agreed. The only other change is that Ron Owen offered to take on the role as Public Officer for the coming year in order to fulfil the requirements of the Dept of Fair Trading rules for incorporated Clubs. Not much more to tell really. There were no duels, fisticuffs , brawls etc. Really most boring – well almost! Never mind it was a great day. Even the cops really enjoyed it. And yes, so did the Regimental Sgt. Major and the Company Sgt. Major enjoyed it too. (They loved the chocolates that we gave them as well. )

Know this – it was certainly not a dull and boring day for the AGM. See what you missed if you weren’t there?

See yers.

Old Bob

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