Kowmung, Yerranderie

Kowmung, Yerranderie
Friday 2nd November – Sunday 4th November 2018

Phillip and I left Cherrybrook at 5.45pm. It was so hot. As we approached Lawson and stopped for dinner it started to rain heavily, windy, thunder and lightning shows. The lightning shows were amazing and scary. We had Subway for dinner and then continued on our way. It took us another 2 hours before we arrived at the campsite. When we arrived, Neil greeted us. Dianne, Laura, Alex, Shane, Kylie and family, Neil and Megan, Steve, Julie and Will, Kristy, Ryan and family were already there. Neil saw our car and spoke to us on CB radio and guided us to the campsite as we didn’t get there until about 10.30pm. Matt and Will, Chris and Becky were arriving at 9.00am on Saturday morning. It was late, so we decided to sleep in the car and I couldn’t sleep straight away I noticed how clear the sky was with lots of stars. I was praying for a lovely day in the morning. We had a good night on the Friday as the rain had stopped but it was very windy. The skies were clear with a ray of stars above. We had breakfast in the morning and packing up our vehicles waiting for Matt and Chris to arrive at the campsite.Leaving the Boyd River camping area heading towards Kanangra Walls about 10.00am. The weather was sunny and a bit windy. Stopped at Kanangra Walls at 10.30am for morning tea. Went on a 15 minute walk to the Kanangra Walls lookout but did not proceed the walk to the Kanangra Falls as it was further on and steep rocky steps. Then we proceeded to cross the Kowmung River and then stopped for lunch. It was then that Kylie encountered a huntsman spider and a brown snake in the bushes.
The continued travelling to reach Yerranderie camping grounds at about 5.15pm when we saw kangaroos in the bushes. The roads to the campsite were windy and uphill and downhill, sharp bends and in some places not so wide. On the way to our campsite Neil and Megan stopped to check out a rattling noise under the car only to find the last section of the exhaust pipe had broken away. So we set up camp and prepared our dinners. Sat around and chatted then headed for a good night sleep. There was a total fire ban so we couldn’t cook marshmallows over the fire. Tomorrow we were planning to look around the campsite as there is plenty to do and see.
Sunday morning we had breakfast and packed up our vehicles. Matt led Sunday bush service in the morning. Then we spent about an hour looking around the Yerranderie’s old buildings and relics, very interesting. We left the campsite at 11.40pm and planned to stop at Mt Werong campsite where we had lunch before heading back home. Stopped near the Correctional centre at Shooters Hill to air up our tyres for our journey home. Matt prayed for a safe trip home and we said our goodbyes.It was a great weekend.

–Linda Favaloro


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