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“Ask, and it will be given you. …” Matthew 7:7

Without thinking, we sometimes make God appear to be untrue. God has said in Scripture that He is adequate for all our needs. And the world in general has the impression that the idea of God carries with it the idea of sufficiency. A God, whoever He is, ought to be greater than all our problems, ought to be able to fulfill all our needs. And that’s exactly what we say about our wonderful God. But when we present a dejected or defeated appearance to the world, we are in effect saying there’s something missing in God. God hasn’t been quite able to fill the bill, else why are we so defeated? We imply that He’s not what He says He is. This must be a terrible insult to God. He deserves a better press than that. And do not allow yourself to say that you cannot be victorious in your present trouble. Don’t let yourself off too easily. You must overcome, for the sake of God’s reputation if not for your own. How may you regain the joy of the Christian life and the peace of heart you so much want, and the power to display these to others? Remember the verse for today: “Ask, and it will be given you'”—pray for such joy and peace and power. Many a broken person has risen from prayer, whole and strong and victorious. “We kneel, how weak; we rise how full of power.”

PRAYER: Lord, we praise you for giving us a Saviour sufficient for all the events of our lives. May the world glorify you because it sees in us our power and goodness.
In Christ, Amen.

Ron Paton
TRAX Chaplain

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