Angorowa Swamp track rebuild

Trip Report – Angorowa Swamp track rebuild
Saturday 1st June 2019.

Angorowa Swamp Extension Road track rebuild.

This is a quick and summarized report so as to make the deadline for the June TRAXION magazine. No room for extra words! A nice and reasonably warm day considering that it was the first day of Winter.However, only 4 vehicles and 5 participants were able to attend.
Neil Flower L/R Disco
Phillip Favaloro Nissan Patrol
Jon Beuman Toyota Prado
Rob Drummond and Daughter Kira Nissan Patrol

Hard work! Lots of it! Shifting rocks, breaking rocks, carrying rocks, using rocks as ‘fill’ in concrete, shoveling sand, carrying sand, bagging sand and watering sand.A good day. Great fellowship, fabulous teamwork, good fun.
Morning Tea: great.
Lunch:– great time to relax.
Afternoon tea: Well time to knock off. All hands were pretty weary by that time. But we reckon that we achieved about half of what we set out to do. The last half will be a lot easier with some new tools and some more helpers we hope!
3 members did a ‘recce’ on Friday 31st May and walked the track to the top of the ridge. Fabulous country! Possibility of a whole new track to explore.
Now… next trip to see if we can complete the rebuild is on Saturday 15th June – less than two weeks away from the date of this publication!Get your application in early.
We need people for 3 groups:
1. A catering team – people to bring some bread, butter fillings  for sandwiches or biscuits, pre-cooked pikelets etc.
2. A carrying team: people to help carry some of the tools (shovels etc) from place to place.
3. Workers! Blokes who are willing to swing a pick, use a crowbar, wield a mash hammer. It’s not really that hard – it just sounds like it.It would be great to finish the job on the 15th. It’s possible if we can get enough people.Return your “Count Me In” email toady….(please?)

Neil Flower – Trip Leader

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