TRAX – Think Tank

Saturday, 21st March 2020
Time 2:30pm to 9:00pm
TRAX -Think Tank & Planning day

I would like to invite you to TRAX 4WD Fellowship’s Think Tank & Planning day.

We need your ideas!!

Wot 2 bring:

  1. Your own meat – plenty of BBQ’s 1 wood fired + 2 Gas ones
  2. Flowers will supply salad (although extra would not be knocked back
  3. All those coming encouraged, threatened, cajoled, asked nicely to talk to friends who have 4WD’s to see where they have been lately.  Borrow maps from friends if possible.
  4. Ask Assoc. delegates to ask leaders from other clubs to see if they would share trip notes, places, maps interesting places drives etc.
  5. Neil would love a new Defender
  6. We don’t mind when people come but suggest a finishing time of around 9:00pm so that I can get Jane hooked up to her intravenous feed pole.
  7. I don’t mind if the Defender isn’t new.
  8. Tell comers to think about volunteering to lead a trip (even as a 2IC with another experienced person if they feel a little hesitant.
  9. We don’t necessarily have to do 4WD trips – Canoeing, boating, photography days etc. may make a pleasant change.
  10. Neil would even consider an old Defender. (Discos. Are very nice, but ya can’t beat a Defender. Still the best off-roader.
  11. Can’t think of  – Yes I can! Tell ‘em to bring their Diaries so that when people offer to do some trips we can write it down.
  12. Oo’roo, That’s all folks

See yers on the TRAX


Trip Leader – Neil Flower

Time : 2:30pm to 9:00pm

Trip Grade:- Easy (suitable for 2WD vehicles)

Contact for more details.

Book NOW !

An email will be sent out approx. a week before the trip to people who book in with details of meeting place .

See you on the tracks



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